In 1988 Managing Director Alistair Goodwin formed Manchester Plastics Ltd to recycle PVC from waste electrical cables. Most of the reclaimed PVC is still recycled into products such as road cones and stabilisation blocks for temporary fencing, whilst the remaining mixed plastics are extensively screened and washed for equestrian use

. This process removes any dust and fibre that may still remain, as well as cleaning out any residual metallics to less than 0.1%. All of our products are produced to the highest quality and conform to all current EU regulations.

For all of our Ménage surfaces we recommend a total surface depth of about 150mm. For our Pasada™ PVC Granules and Flexifibre surfaces we recommend 75mm of Silica Sand overlaid with 75mm of either the Pasada™ PVC Granules or Flexifibre. Our rubber surfaces should be laid at a 50mm depth over 100mm of silica sand. For details of all our current products please see below.


A pre-mix of our washed Pasada™ PVC Granules and elasticated fibres (Lycra). The fibres give added spring and increased stability to the surface once mixed into the sand base. Freeze resistant and will give a sandy appearance when mixed into the silica sand. Laid at 75mm (3″) over 75mm of silica sand. OUT OF STOCK


Multicoloured plastic granulate and can contain upto 40% rubber. Economical and ideal for adding to new or exisitng sand surfaces. This is the original all-weather surface additive for equestrian use and now half the price per cubic metre of silica sand. Laid at 75mm (3″) over 75mm of silica sand.


10-15mm chip from car tyres, with some fibre content de-steeled to 99.9% metal free. No loose wire just what may remain inside the rubber and of no detriment to the product. This is our most popular and cost effective type of equestrian rubber chippings. It is also the main type of rubber sold in the UK for arenas and gallops. Laid at 50mm (2″) over 100mm of silica sand. 


15-20mm rubber chippings from cross-ply tyres and conveyor belting. A larger chip with fibre content & totally metal free. Laid at 50mm (2″) over 100mm of compacted silica sand, to give an all black cover with plenty of spring.


Mixed size synthetic rubber shred from window/door seals and other types of synthetic rubbers. It is a softer rubber than tyre rubber and  provides a stable surface suitable for all disciplines including carriage driving. Guaranteed metal free. Laid at 50mm (2″) over 100mm of silica sand. OUT OF STOCK


Top quality equestrian sand that gives a firm and free draining surface. Please note that all sand based surfaces used on indoor schools will require regular watering and on outdoor schools during extended dry periods. Silica Sand on it’s own is not an all weather surface.

Many of our customers have found it useful to have an idea of the quantities required for surfacing an arena or ménage surface. Below are the quantities required for a standard 20m x 40m arena. Or alternatively you can use the calculator located to the side of this page to work out the quantities required for differing sized arenas and ménage surfaces.

The calculator requires measurements in metres and to convert to metric please multiply by the factor shown: yards to metres x 0.9144, feet to metres x 0.3048. For example:

40 yards x 0.9144 = 36.58 metres

60 feet x 0.3048 = 18.29 metres

For gallops there are approximately 201 metres per furlong.

Based on a standard 40 metres by 20 metres (800 sq metres) arena, the quantities required are as follows:

PASADA™ PVC GRANULES @ 75mm (3″) 34 tonnes
RUBBERRADS @ 50mm (2″) 20 tonnes 
RUBBERTRAX @ 50mm (2″) 20 tonnes
SILICA SAND @ 75/100mm (3″/4″) 100/140 tonnes

The following Prices are plus VAT and Delivery:

PASADA™ PVC GRANULES @ £30.00 per Tonne (£0.86 per sq.m @ 50mm)
RUBBERRADS @ £69.00 per tonne (£1.73 per sq.m @ 50mm)
RUBBERTRAX @ £85.00 per tonne (£2.13 per sq.m @ 50mm)
SILICA SAND @ £16.50 per Tonne (£1.40 per sq.m @ 50mm)

All of our products for ménage surfaces are sold by the metric tonne. The cubic metre prices detailed above are an approximate conversion and for comparison only.

All our products, from rubber chippings to Pasada PVC granules, are extremely durable but inevitably over time there will be some loss. We estimate that a top up of between 10% to 20% will be required after 5 years of normal usage and maintenance.

Should you wish to place an order for any of our products, request samples or require any further information, please complete our online customer Request Information form or alternatively call us on 01260 224010.

We look forward to hearing from you.